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The Top 8 Common Food Allergies We Should All Know

food allergy warning sign

It has been calculated that allergies to 8 different foods lead to about 50-90% of allergic reactions.  Here is the list of allergens that cause the most common food allergies in the United States: Milk Eggs Peanuts Tree nuts Fish Shellfish Soy Wheat Various people and organizations will list them in different orders, but usually the same 8 show up.  ... Read More »

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Symptoms To Watch Out For

Table with peanuts

Nut allergy symptoms can range from minor to mild to severe and life-threatening.  An allergic reaction can vary each time someone is exposed to the allergen, so even minor reactions need attention.  The next time – the reaction could be much worse. The amount of nut needed to create a reaction and thus allergy symptoms can vary significantly.  Some people ... Read More »

Food Allergy Symptoms You Should Know


While true food allergies are not the most frequently encountered medical emergencies, they can certainly be grave enough to pose a threat to human life. It is believed that almost 2-3% adults, and 6-7% of children suffer from some kind of food allergy. This discrepancy occurs as many children tend to outgrow their allergy with age.   Understanding Allergies An ... Read More »