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Do You Know The Common Allergy Symptoms?

nasal allergy symptoms

Allergies are a common occurrence, maybe moreso than you realize.  They are harmless for most people, but allergies can cause some serious suffering. The symptoms of allergies overlap quite a bit so you cannot say that just because you have a rash you are allergic to a specific item. Any allergen causes a release of histamine, which in turn creates the ... Read More »

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms That May Strike

Seasonal allergy sufferer

Seasonal allergies, sometimes called hay fever or allergic rhinitis, can happen to any of us. Adults who have never had a problem before can develop symptoms, for example if they move to a new city or state.  Patients with close family members with allergies or patients with asthma are more likely to have seasonal allergies.   Common Symptoms Typical seasonal ... Read More »