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A Beginners Guide To A Corn Allergy

Corn on cob

Corn allergies can be very difficult to work with since corn (maize) and it’s products are found in many everyday items. Even though corn allergy is not yet considered one of the top eight allergies it does appear to be on the rise.  This could be due to more consumption of processed foods containing it by young children.  This early ... Read More »

Food Allergy Symptoms You Should Know


While true food allergies are not the most frequently encountered medical emergencies, they can certainly be grave enough to pose a threat to human life. It is believed that almost 2-3% adults, and 6-7% of children suffer from some kind of food allergy. This discrepancy occurs as many children tend to outgrow their allergy with age.   Understanding Allergies An ... Read More »

Overview of MSG “Allergy”

msg chinese food

Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG, is a “flavor-enhancer” which is commonly used as a food additive. This product occurs naturally in seaweed. People who frequent Chinese restaurants sometimes experience what they think is an MSG allergy. This  reaction is sometimes referred to as “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”. Monosodium glutamate is a common ingredient used in Asian served foods. Note that the ... Read More »

The Basics of Food Allergy Testing

lab testing

Food allergy testing is a commonly used diagnostic tool. It is regularly needed due to the increasing numbers of people who are either diagnosed with, or believe themselves to have, some sort of reaction to certain foodstuffs. Doctors use various methods of skin testing, as well as blood tests to check for food allergies in both adults and children. Food allergy ... Read More »

Caffeine Allergy: The Risks and The Truth

heap coffee beans

Worldwide, people drink more than a billion cups of coffee daily. Furthermore, an average person consumes almost 5 kilograms of roasted beans a year! We all know that drinking this is embedded in many traditions and cultures, some even regard it as an establishment. As you enjoy a cup  do you ever wonder if we are at risk of having ... Read More »

A Look At The Common Wheat Allergy Symptoms

breads on plate

A rare type, true allergy to wheat, is usually seen in response to it’s consumption rather than on contact with it. Like any other similar problem, wheat allergy symptoms are the outcome of an acute inflammatory response by the body in response to the allergen(s) contained within. Being a major part of most diets globally, having an intolerance to or ... Read More »

Could You Have An Alcohol Allergy?

alcohol pouring into glass

Alcohol is indeed one of the most used and abused beverages all over the world, but generally allergies to it are not commonly reported. On the contrary, alcohol intolerance (or sensitivity) is a condition in which consumption is associated with negative symptoms, in some users with very minimal intake. Alcohol is metabolized or broken down into simple products that can ... Read More »