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A Beginner’s Guide To Pet Allergies

Hypoallergenic cat

Pet allergies can be so challenging, especially when someone in the household can’t bear to give up the pet or when your best friend just got the cutest little puppy (and you HAVE to have one!).  It is estimated that slightly more than 60% of U.S. households have pets and more than 160 million of these pets are cats and ... Read More »

Do You Know The Common Allergy Symptoms?

nasal allergy symptoms

Allergies are a common occurrence, maybe moreso than you realize.  They are harmless for most people, but allergies can cause some serious suffering. The symptoms of allergies overlap quite a bit so you cannot say that just because you have a rash you are allergic to a specific item. Any allergen causes a release of histamine, which in turn creates the ... Read More »

Allergies and Asthma – What’s The Link?


Many people don’t realize but the wheezing and coughing of asthma are often triggered by the same things that cause the runny nose and itchy eyes of allergies.  Some people seem to only have asthma and others only allergies, but many find that the two go hand in hand.  It is estimated that up to 90% of children and 50% ... Read More »

Allergy vs Intolerance – How Can You Tell The Difference?


Many people use the word “allergy” to mean anything from a true allergy to a simple intolerance.  It can be very confusing. Hopefully this article will help shed some light on the issue by pointing out the main differences between the two..   Allergies versus intolerance So you may ask, what exactly is an allergy?  First off, allergies usually come ... Read More »

What Is “Oral Allergy Syndrome”?

Eating fruit can trigger oral allergy syndrome

If you have allergic rhinitis (hay fever), you may notice that your mouth or throat becomes itchy when eating certain foods, usually a fresh fruit or raw vegetable but it could also be a nut or spice.  This reaction occurs because proteins found in some foods are extremely similar to proteins found in the pollen of certain plants.  What is ... Read More »

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Symptoms To Watch Out For

Table with peanuts

Nut allergy symptoms can range from minor to mild to severe and life-threatening.  An allergic reaction can vary each time someone is exposed to the allergen, so even minor reactions need attention.  The next time – the reaction could be much worse. The amount of nut needed to create a reaction and thus allergy symptoms can vary significantly.  Some people ... Read More »

What You Should Know About A Sun Allergy


A sun allergy is a condition characterized by the appearance of skin reactions, following exposure to the sun. Often, this is manifested by a rash that itches. Severe allergies can cause hives, blisters and other unpleasant symptoms. We will look at all this in more detail…   Sun Allergy Symptoms – A range of problems There are several types of ... Read More »

Food Allergy Symptoms You Should Know


While true food allergies are not the most frequently encountered medical emergencies, they can certainly be grave enough to pose a threat to human life. It is believed that almost 2-3% adults, and 6-7% of children suffer from some kind of food allergy. This discrepancy occurs as many children tend to outgrow their allergy with age.   Understanding Allergies An ... Read More »

A Look At The Common Wheat Allergy Symptoms

breads on plate

A rare type, true allergy to wheat, is usually seen in response to it’s consumption rather than on contact with it. Like any other similar problem, wheat allergy symptoms are the outcome of an acute inflammatory response by the body in response to the allergen(s) contained within. Being a major part of most diets globally, having an intolerance to or ... Read More »