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Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Treatment Options

food allergy warning sign

Let’s look at this topic in terms of what lifestyle precautions need to be taken, and then a look at desensitization as a management technique. Obviously, such nut allergies can cause anaphylaxis, and thus a serious risk to life. Anyone with a potential for such severe reactions should always carry an epi-pen (containing epinephrine/adrenaline). Consider wearing a warning bracelet, to ... Read More »

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy – An Introduction


The world of nut allergies can get pretty curious at times.  Many nuts are misnamed or not categorized properly by definition. Peanuts are not real nuts; they are “legumes” along with peas and lentils.  Yet, you look for them in the store in the same spot as cashews and almonds.  Coconuts are a fruit but they are usually placed in ... Read More »

Banana Allergy – Do You Know The Different Forms?


Bananas are routinely promoted as a “safe food” and will usually be given to babies as one of their first fruits.  They are easy to mash, packed with nutrients and slightly sweet.  Luckily banana allergies are rare but they do exist and the possibility should not be ignored.   The forms of banana allergy This problem can take one of ... Read More »

A Beginners Guide To A Corn Allergy

Corn on cob

Corn allergies can be very difficult to work with since corn (maize) and it’s products are found in many everyday items. Even though corn allergy is not yet considered one of the top eight allergies it does appear to be on the rise.  This could be due to more consumption of processed foods containing it by young children.  This early ... Read More »

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms That May Strike

Seasonal allergy sufferer

Seasonal allergies, sometimes called hay fever or allergic rhinitis, can happen to any of us. Adults who have never had a problem before can develop symptoms, for example if they move to a new city or state.  Patients with close family members with allergies or patients with asthma are more likely to have seasonal allergies.   Common Symptoms Typical seasonal ... Read More »