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Antihistamines: What You Need To Know Before You Take These


Treating allergies can require various medications and treatments, but usually the very first things to use are antihistamines. You probably have one or two in your medicine cabinet right now. Let’s take a closer look at how they work, the types available and side effects to be aware of…   How Do Antihistamines Treat Allergies? Histamine is a natural compound, ... Read More »

The Top 8 Common Food Allergies We Should All Know

food allergy warning sign

It has been calculated that allergies to 8 different foods lead to about 50-90% of allergic reactions.  Here is the list of allergens that cause the most common food allergies in the United States: Milk Eggs Peanuts Tree nuts Fish Shellfish Soy Wheat Various people and organizations will list them in different orders, but usually the same 8 show up.  ... Read More »

What Is An “Allergist”?


An allergist is a medical doctor who has completed special training and has experience in figuring out what is causing allergies, how to treat them and how to prevent reactions.  They want to work with you to help find relief from your problem. Allergists usually treat allergies, asthma and other diseases of the immune system.  Their immune expertise can include ... Read More »

Allergy vs Intolerance – How Can You Tell The Difference?


Many people use the word “allergy” to mean anything from a true allergy to a simple intolerance.  It can be very confusing. Hopefully this article will help shed some light on the issue by pointing out the main differences between the two..   Allergies versus intolerance So you may ask, what exactly is an allergy?  First off, allergies usually come ... Read More »

What Is “Oral Allergy Syndrome”?

Eating fruit can trigger oral allergy syndrome

If you have allergic rhinitis (hay fever), you may notice that your mouth or throat becomes itchy when eating certain foods, usually a fresh fruit or raw vegetable but it could also be a nut or spice.  This reaction occurs because proteins found in some foods are extremely similar to proteins found in the pollen of certain plants.  What is ... Read More »

Allergy Desensitization – An Evolving And Effective Treatment


Allergy desensitization (which basically means “becoming more accustomed to”) is a method of treating allergies in an effort to make the person less reactive to the allergen (substance they are reacting to).  Their immune system is gradually exposed to increasing doses of the allergen in order to modify or completely stop the reaction. This treatment is very effective for allergies ... Read More »

Think You Have An Iodine Allergy??

Shrimp, an example of a food that contains iodine

Allergic reactions to iodine can range from mild to quite severe but overall, they thankfully are extremely rare. It is questionable whether our bodies can be truly allergic to iodine, since we have this element in our body in trace amounts naturally. It is used, for example, in the production of our thyroid hormones.   Foods With Iodine There are ... Read More »

Apple Allergy Answers

Apples in a row

Can you have an apple allergy?  The simple answer is that true apple allergies are rare, involving less than 2% of the population, but they do happen.  The allergens in apples change when heated so the allergy is usually only to fresh fruit.  The body doesn’t recognize it as a problem when cooked. Cooked apples such as applesauce or stuffing ... Read More »

Tomato Allergy


Thankfully, true allergy to tomatoes is rare. Some people have problems with acidic foods like tomatoes and orange juice. Tomatoes are part of the nightshade plant family, so some people will have allergies to them, along with potatoes, eggplant, and other nightshade plant fruits and vegetables. People who only have digestive upset from eating tomatoes may only have an intolerance, ... Read More »

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Symptoms To Watch Out For

Table with peanuts

Nut allergy symptoms can range from minor to mild to severe and life-threatening.  An allergic reaction can vary each time someone is exposed to the allergen, so even minor reactions need attention.  The next time – the reaction could be much worse. The amount of nut needed to create a reaction and thus allergy symptoms can vary significantly.  Some people ... Read More »