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Anaphylaxis – The Most Dangerous Allergic Reaction


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction to an allergen. It can happen very quickly and is potentially fatal. The reaction will involve many different organs in your body. What does anaphylaxis look like? The main body systems affected by anaphylaxis are the skin, respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. Adults will usually start with skin symptoms. They will notice swelling and ... Read More »

Allergy Testing – A Beginner’s Guide

Skin tests being carried out on forearm for allergies

Maybe your doctor brought up the idea of allergy testing, or you just want to learn more about what you might face at your upcoming appointment concerning your problems with allergies. Either way, we hope to answer your questions here. Allergy testing can involve either skin tests or blood tests. Your doctor is trying to figure out what is triggering ... Read More »

What Causes Allergies – A Beginner’s Guide

allergy nasal symptom

 When someone has an allergic reaction, what is really happening?  You might wonder how so many different things seem to be able to create the same reaction. Read on to get the lowdown…   What happens to the body during an allergic reaction? Allergies start when your body mistakes a harmless substance to be a harmful intruder.  Normally our immune ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide To Pet Allergies

Hypoallergenic cat

Pet allergies can be so challenging, especially when someone in the household can’t bear to give up the pet or when your best friend just got the cutest little puppy (and you HAVE to have one!).  It is estimated that slightly more than 60% of U.S. households have pets and more than 160 million of these pets are cats and ... Read More »

Do You Know The Common Allergy Symptoms?

nasal allergy symptoms

Allergies are a common occurrence, maybe moreso than you realize.  They are harmless for most people, but allergies can cause some serious suffering. The symptoms of allergies overlap quite a bit so you cannot say that just because you have a rash you are allergic to a specific item. Any allergen causes a release of histamine, which in turn creates the ... Read More »

Allergies and Asthma – What’s The Link?


Many people don’t realize but the wheezing and coughing of asthma are often triggered by the same things that cause the runny nose and itchy eyes of allergies.  Some people seem to only have asthma and others only allergies, but many find that the two go hand in hand.  It is estimated that up to 90% of children and 50% ... Read More »

Do You Know The Common Side Effects of Antihistamines?

Tired with side effects

Once allergy season comes around, histamine is released in your body to fight the allergens we are exposed to.  You are fairly sure that you could get relief from an antihistamine, but what are the side effects you need to worry about?  That is what we will address here. It is important to know at least a little about any ... Read More »